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We publish - free of charge - news releases that are concerned with new products and services, events and technical background articles from the industrial area. Releases that we publish must be relevant to the categories we cover. Our categories are listed in the left-hand column of this page. If you have any queries as to whether your release is suitable, please e-mail to for guidance. 


About portrino

Industrial-newsroom is powered by portrino. Based in Dresden, Germany, portrino GmbH is an agency for software development and online marketing. Portino serves clients in national and international markets. The focus is on contract-specific web-based software, including mobile applications, as well as online marketing and public relations in the B2B sector.


In addition to the contracted project work, portrino GmbH also develops its own in-house projects like or


portrino GmbH
Maxstraße 10
D-01067 Dresden

phone: +49-351-500 95 74
Fax: +49-351-500 95 71