Battery Standard IEC 62133 replaces the UL Standard within the IECEE CB Scheme

The status of battery safety standard IEC 62133, which is included in the scope of the IECEE CB Scheme, becomes stronger. After a specified transition period the standard will totally replace the UL 1642 standard used as component standard in equipment certification within the IECEE CB Scheme.

SGS grants already now CB certificates on the basis of testing in accordance with standard IEC 62133. On the basis of CB tests SGS can issue also SGS GS and SGS Product Safety marks as long as factory inspections are carried out annually on the manufacturing site.


Changes in the Next Two Years
From October 26, 2010 additional tests must be carried out on CB certified batteries tested in accordance with UL 1642 to ensure that they comply with standard IEC 62133. From June 27, 2011 CB certificates can be issued for the products in question only in accordance with IEC 62133.

The decision regarding the battery standard backs up the IECEE CB Schemes’ global development.


Battery Related Risks
Mobile phone batteries working in a faulty way can cause e.g. burns and fire hazard. On website
FI-Merkki for the FI mark there are two videos showing overheating of batteries. The first one shows how a safe battery acts under fault condition and the other how a defect battery acts under fault condition.

In addition to the IEC 62133 CB Scheme service, SGS is also providing the UL 1642 and UL 2025 certification service as well as Lithium Battery Tests for Transport by Air (UN 38.3) as part of the one stop service.


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